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Health insurance news

Radio waves 'lower blood pressure'

  •  18 Dec, 2012
Taking blood pressure

Results from a new study have shown patients with uncontrollable blood pressure can be aided by zapping kidneys with radio waves - a procedure that involves burning away nerve tissue around the kidney arteries.

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'70,000 women to get lung cancer'

  •  12 Nov, 2012
Elderly patient

An extra 70,000 women will develop lung cancer over the next 30 years, according to a charity.

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Optometrists issue eye test warning

  •  19 Sep, 2012
Eye test

Eye specialists have urged people to do more to protect their eyesight after research revealed that almost 10 per cent of people have not had an eye test in the last ten years.

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Warning follows diabetes research

  •  11 Sep, 2012
A diabetes 'pen'

Half of all British people of South Asian, African and African Caribbean descent will develop type 2 diabetes by the age of 80, research suggests.

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Fatty food linked to brain damage

  •  07 Sep, 2012
A doctor and a patient

Brain damage caused by fatty food might be one reason why people who habitually over-eat find it so hard to lose weight, scientists have said.

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Nudges 'not enough' in obesity push

  •  06 Sep, 2012
Overweight man eating

Soft policy "nudges" will not on their own solve the obesity problem, a top scientist and politician has said.

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Chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers 'neglected by NHS'

  •  05 Sep, 2012
young businessman holding his back

Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) are still suffering from neglect within the NHS despite initiatives aimed at improving services for those with the condition, according to a new report.

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Pensioner cancer rate to treble

  •  21 Aug, 2012
Man in an MRI scanner

By 2040, three times as many pensioners will have cancer as is currently the case, according to research funded by Macmillan Cancer Support.

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Britons warned over skin cancer

  •  20 Aug, 2012
A doctor and a patient

Researchers have suggested many people do not know the full dangers of getting too much sun, putting themselves and their children at risk of skin cancer.

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Smokers occupy one in twenty sick beds

  •  17 Aug, 2012
Woman smoking a cigarette

People suffering from smoking-related illnesses occupy 5 per cent of hospital beds in England (one in 20), according to new figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).

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