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Talking on mobiles raises blood pressure

The stress caused from talking on a mobile phone can increase your blood pressure but practicing yoga can lower it, new studies have found.

During one study from a hospital in Italy, 94 patients were called three times on their mobile phones and had their blood pressure examined.

All the patients had high blood pressure, known as hypertension, before the tests.

While the patients were on the phone, researchers found that the average blood pressure of a person rose from 121/77 to 129/82.

The first number relates to your blood pressure when you heart pumps and the second number relates to your blood pressure when your heart is relaxed.

According to the British Heart Foundation the recommended level of blood pressure is 120/80.

Doctors will usually focus on the first number to gauge whether your blood pressure is at a serious level.

Younger people less affected

The researchers from Italy also found that those who received more than 30 calls a day experienced a much lower increase in their blood pressure when their phone rang.

Dr Giuseppe Crippa, a lead author on the study, believes that the age and lifestyle were contributing factors to this outcome.

Crippa said: "The subset of patients who were more accustomed to phone use was younger, which could show younger people are less prone to be disturbed by telephone intrusions.

"Another possibility is people who make more than 30 calls per day may feel more reassured if the mobile phone is activated since they are not running the risk of missing an opportunity."

The ‘silent killer’

Blood pressure can be increased by a high intake of salt, stress, smoking, obesity and a lack of exercise.

Hypertension affects approximately one billion people worldwide which equates to around 15 per cent of the global population.

Labelled the “silent killer” the cause of 90 per cent of high blood pressure cases is unknown but if hypertension runs in the family you are more at risk.

Yoga lowers blood pressure

If you are worried about hypertension then taking yoga has been shown to significantly lower your blood pressure.

New research from a team in Pennsylvania has found that those who practiced yoga two to three times a week reduced their blood pressure significantly.

Yoga is estimated to be around 5,000 years old and can help fight stiffness, artery damage, depression and loss of bone density.

If you are particularly concerned with high blood pressure or any vascular diseases you could look for a medical insurance policy with comprehensive heart cover.

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