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Cut your energy bills

Cut your energy bills with

We've pulled together our top energy-saving videos, articles and guides below to help you start your journey toward being more energy-efficient and lowering your gas and electricity bills.

Blog: Have you turned on your heating yet?

Family warming their feet in front of the fire

The clock marking the official end of British Summer Time hasn't even gone back yet, but many are feeling the winter chill. Have you put your heating on yet?

Your home's top five energy-hungry appliances

children watching plasma TV

Where is most energy consumed around the home and what can we do to minimise its use? We look at your home's top five energy-hungry appliances.

Gas and electricity best-buy table

Coins and calculator

Cut your gas and electricity bills with Find out how you can be more energy-efficient and lower your bills with our top videos and articles.

Video guide: How to cut your household energy bills

Take control of your energy bills video

Heat and light your home for less. Watch our video guide to cutting your household gas and electricity bills, with the Energy Saving Trust. reveal the top 10 energy myths

Energy icons

Read our round-up of the most commonly held energy myths and arm yourself with the facts before making the switch to a new gas or electricity supplier.

Four steps to getting the best energy deal

Buring ten pound note on a gas hob

Complaints to the UK's big six energy firms are at a high. Kate Rose, head of gas and electricity at, shares her four steps to consumer satisfaction.

Couples' tempers flare over heating

Couple in front of fireplace

More than half of UK families argue about their home's temperature resulting in many spending time in different rooms, according to new research.

Review: The Remoska energy-saving oven

Remoska oven

An energy-efficient alternative for cooking smaller meals.

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