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Couples' tempers flare over heating

More than half of UK families argue about their home's temperature and as a result many resort to spending time in different rooms, according to new research.

Arguments about domestic temperatures are causing 20 per cent of families to hang out in different rooms at home.

Gender differences are causing regular disagreements with men and women preferring their heating at an alternative temperature.

Women like it hot - men prefer it cold

Some 44 per cent of women want the heating turned up, compared with just 28 per cent of men, according to the research by heating supplier Honeywell.

The man of the house is 10 per cent more likely to set the central heating than his female partner.

But spare a thought for the children - they only hold the heating power in just 4 per cent of homes.

54% argue about heating at home

With the colder weather setting in, 54 per cent of UK households confess to quarrelling about their home's heating.

Some 15 per cent of families argue about the issue on a weekly basis, with higher gas and electricity bills a significant factor in the rows.

And 11 per cent of arguments are about the timing of heating settings.

'My husband can't see why I can't just put on a jumper'

A couple arguingTina Welch, 56, a housewife from Cardiff, says she and her husband Stephen, 58, often disagree about room temperatures at their home.

She says: "I often like it to be really nice and hot in my house so I will go and turn the heating up.

"However, my husband can't see why I can't just put on a jumper. It really gets him annoyed.

"In the past I have had the heating on in the house but also opened the door to let in some cool air and he doesn't like that at all.

Winter gas & electricity price rises

Welch adds: "I must admit I am starting to be converted to trying to use our heating less because fuel costs are rocketing."

All of the UK's big six gas and electricity suppliers have announced price rises this winter.

British Gas dual fuel customers will see prices go up by 9.2 per cent on average from 23 November, raising typical annual bills from £1,321 to £1,444.

Family fights over control of thermostat

Jeremy Peterson, manager of Honeywell's home comfort division, says: "Everyone can empathise with family fights over control of the thermostat.

"We know that everyone feels the cold differently.

"With recent price rises affecting everyone, it's important to realise that homes can be comfortable for everyone.

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