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How to cash in on the boiler scrappage scheme

A plumber inspecting a boilerHave you been nervously eyeing that old boiler during the Arctic-like weather?

Then you’ll be happy to hear that the first round of vouchers for the government’s boiler scrappage scheme are about to be released, offering £400 for your old boiler to put towards a new energy efficient one.

It sounds like a great deal, but how does it work and how can you get involved? Here we answer your questions.

Why would I need a new boiler?

It might not seem like a priority, but an old, inefficient boiler adds an average of £200 to your annual energy bill and releases an extra tonne of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. And because there will no longer be a guarantee on the oldest boilers any repairs will come out of your own pocket. But you’re not alone. There are around 4 million expensive and potentially even dangerous boilers up and down the country wasting money and threatening to break down in the middle of the most extreme cold snap for over 30 years.

What exactly is the scrappage scheme?

The Boiler Scrappage Scheme is designed to encourage us to upgrade the energy performance of our boilers and hot water systems, save money and maybe even help save the planet. Formally introduced just a few days ago, it allows people to replace their old boiler with a new one for less money. Like the car scrappage scheme, the basic idea is that the government pays you to scrap your old boiler when you replace it with a new efficient one.

How much can I save?

 If you are eligible, you can get £400 back for your old boiler when you scrap your old one. And it’s not just about saving money on the cost of your boiler up front. By increasing the energy efficiency of your boiler you could cut £200 off your energy bills every year, around £17 a month. It could mean that your boiler pays for itself within a few years, and you can enjoy instantly hot showers and a lovely warm home in the meantime!

Will I be eligible?

Homeowners, including landlords who rent out their property and whose main boiler is in working order and G-rated are potentially eligible for the scheme. If you’re over 60, your existing boiler doesn’t even have to be working. Your boiler is probably G-rated if it is more than 15 years old and gas fired. A permanent pilot light is a good indicator of an old boiler, or, if yours is oil-fired and over 25 years old you may also be eligible.

What do I do next?

If your current boiler qualifies for the scheme, the next step is to arrange a visit and a quote for a new boiler from a certified installer. This could be anything between £2,000 and £3,000, so don’t forget to shop around for the best price!

Then get in touch with the Energy Saving Trust with details of your old boiler and the installer you’ve picked to put in your new one. 

Once that is done, a voucher worth £400 and valid for 12 weeks will be sent out to you, which you should forward on to the Energy Saving Trust along with the invoice for the work once your new boiler is in and you have paid for it. The trust will then refund your voucher.

Where can I get more information?

The Energy Saving Trust can give you more details for this and other energy efficiency schemes at And ask your energy provider how they are using the scheme as many are planning to match the government’s £400 without the hassle of vouchers.

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