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Nationwide Credit Cards

Nationwide credit card
Customer Services
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Lost or Stolen Cards
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Why choose a Nationwide Credit Card?

  • Highly competitive rates
  • Commission-free use abroad
  • Free extended warranty on some gas and electrical items

Nationwide Credit Card:facts

  • Nationwide is the world’s largest building society, worth around £190 billion
  • Nationwide started out as the Provident Union Building Society in 1846
  • Nationwide was named one of the 50 safest financial institutions in 2009

Got an excellent credit history? Use it to reduce your credit card bills with the Gold Credit Card with Nationwide which always features a competitive rate.

This Nationwide credit card is also a superb option for travellers as you won’t be charged commission when you use your card abroad.

Plus, get free protection against fraud and a free extended warranty on many gas and electrical products if you buy them on your card.

No matter what you’re looking for from a credit card, with you can find the best deal quickly and simply. We compare credit cards from over 100 providers, including Nationwide.

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