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Credit related news

Cards spending total tops £500bn

  •  04 Jun, 2014
Red credit card

Consumers' annual spending on cards topped £500 billion for the first time across 2013, a report has found.

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Surge in credit card borrowing

  •  10 Feb, 2014

UK consumers are using their credit cards to borrow more money than in any of the past five years, according to a new study.

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MBNA launches 29-months 0% credit card

  •  24 Dec, 2013
Red credit card

MBNA has launched its longest ever credit card offer with a deal that allows customers 0 per cent interest on balance and money transfers for 29 months.

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Nationwide gets in Christmas spirit

  •  18 Nov, 2013
Nationwide building society

Nationwide is launching a new credit card offer just in time for Christmas.

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Card fraud losses up by a fifth

  •  07 Oct, 2013
A credit card padlock

Improvements in card security have led to a rise in deception crimes as conmen turn to old-fashioned attempts to trick people into simply handing over their personal details.

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Post Office offers zero interest

  •  17 Sep, 2013
Handing over a payment card

The Post Office's new issue of its credit card gives customers the opportunity to transfer their balance without paying any interest for the first 18 months.

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MBNA launches 'rate for life' cards

  •  12 Sep, 2013
Red credit card

British consumers are being offered two new credit cards with fixed lifetime interest rates.

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Rejection confusion is on the cards

  •  22 Jul, 2013
Credit cards range of colours

Credit card companies aren't telling consumers why their applications have been rejected, a campaigning consumer charity has found.

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Credit card customers cashing in

  •  21 May, 2013
Card payment

Consumers are now using their credit cards more frequently in order to benefit from deals that reward their expenditure, according to new research.

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Crude card scams on the rise in UK

  •  13 Mar, 2013
stack of credit cards

New figures have shown that card fraud losses in the UK rose for the first time since 2008 due to an increase in crude, old-fashioned scams.

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