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Get plastic recommendations based on your credit profile

Credit cards

Our clever credit card tool shows you a selection of cards you might be interested in, and tells you how likely you are to be accepted based on your credit profile. What’s more, this won’t leave any footprints on your credit record!

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Could consumers see the rights they get with credit cards extended to debit cards?

credit cards

Consumers who buy goods with a debit card could enjoy the same protection as those who use a credit card, if new plans to shake up the industry get the go-ahead.

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Credit card stress-buster

Gold credit card

It’s not unusual to worry about money in January. The festive period puts a dent in many people’s pockets and dealing with the fallout can often make us fret.

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close up of a credit card chip

Should you really be using that credit card? looks at the benefits of paying with plastic for that much needed break…

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Don’t get seduced by a store card

credit cards

With Christmas just a few weeks away, many of us will be about to go on a festive shopping spree. However, it’s important to think carefully before funding your splurge with a store card, as this can be an extremely expensive way of borrowing.

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Funding the festivities

Christmas tree

As the Christmas shopping season gets into full swing it’s easy to get carried away – after all the festive season is a time for indulgence, whether its pricey presents, fabulous food or party clothes.

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The perfect christmas present

Macro shot of red credit card

Christmas is a time for giving and there is nothing better than knowing you have found that perfect present for a friend or family member.

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Funding the festive season

Christmas gifts

Christmas is just seven weeks away and while kids across the country are beginning to get excited, grown-ups are all too conscious of the impending costs. Funding the festivities can make a Scrooge out of the best of us.

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Credit card providers get choosey about who they lend to

a credit card and padlock

Most people know by now that the current recession has made banks and lenders of credit generally more risk averse. The 100 per cent mortgage which two years ago was taken for granted is now almost a distant memory and more recently, we’ve seen lenders become less willing to approve credit card applications too.

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Don’t let identity fraud ruin your chances of getting credit

Credit cards

Identity fraud is a rapidly growing crime in the UK and is costing the British economy as much as £1bn a year, according to official government estimates.

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Compare credit cards

Compare cards for anything from balance transfers to credit cards for people with bad credit.

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