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Section 75: Free protection for credit card spending

A credit card with a smiley face
With many retailers and holiday firms finding it tough in the current uncertain economic climate, consumers are increasingly relying on legislation known as Section 75 to ensure they don’t end up out of pocket.  Read More…

Amex and foursquare team up to offer discounts

Handing over a payment card

American Express has launched a partnership with the social networking site foursquare in a new discount venture.

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Vain Brits turn to credit to keep up appearances

Couple having a massage

Waxing, eyebrow shaping and Botox are some of the treatments Brits are splashing their cash – or rather credit - on this year, and that’s just the men.

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Travel cards for summer holiday spending

Travel money notes

With sterling at its strongest position against the euro for more than three years it can pay to buy your travel money early. We round up your options.

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Seven credit card sins to avoid

twenty pound notes in drain

Credit cards, if handled irresponsibly, can end up costing consumers unnecessarily. To avoid the potential pitfalls, here are seven sins you would do well to steer clear of.

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Credit card companies turn to Twitter to entice customers

Credit card and computer keyboard

What do credit cards and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have in common? Some credit card providers are trying to integrate the two. We investgate.

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Review: New Capital One cashback card

Handing over a payment card
If you pay your credit card off in full each month a card that rewards you for your spending could be worth taking advantage of. A new cashback card launched by Capital One – the Aspire Elite – does exactly this.  Read More…

May deal for new Barclaycard customers

A woman with a wad of twenty pound notes

A new offer from Barclaycard could make May the month borrowers start tackling their credit card debt.

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What’s your credit card personality?

A woman with a wad of twenty pound notes
Knowing your credit card personality can help you choose wisely from the vast array of cards on the market.  Read More…

How you can change a child’s life with a credit card

NSPCC logo

Confused .com is donating £5 to children’s charity the NSPCC for every credit card taken out through our website in April.

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Compare credit cards

Compare cards for anything from balance transfers to credit cards for people with bad credit.

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