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Credit card articles

Loyalty cards: how do they compare?

Woman with shopping bags and loyalty cards
We take a look at which store loyalty cards can net you the best savings.  Read More…

How to pick the best credit card for your holiday

hand holding credit cards
Whether you’re hitting the ski slopes or going somewhere hot, using the right credit card can save you money.  Read More…

Is it worth buying early for Christmas?

A christmas tree paper collage

How purchasing your goods early could affect your ability to get a refund.

  Read More…

How to save money abroad: Credit cards vs debit cards

Holiday credit card
Spending abroad, credit cards vs debit cards  Read More…

Get plastic recommendations based on your credit profile

Good credit rating
Find more information about the Credit Card Matcher Tool and how it could benefit you.  Read More…

Could consumers see the rights they get with credit cards extended to debit cards?

credit cards

Consumers who buy goods with a debit card could enjoy the same protection as those who use a credit card, if new plans to shake up the industry get the go-ahead.

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Credit card providers get choosey about who they lend to

a credit card and padlock

Most people know by now that the current recession has made banks and lenders of credit generally more risk averse. The 100 per cent mortgage which two years ago was taken for granted is now almost a distant memory and more recently, we’ve seen lenders become less willing to approve credit card applications too.

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Section 75 – How using a credit card gives you extra consumer protection

a credit card and padlock

Credit card spending has had a bad rap of late, as politicians, economists and social commentators bemoan the mountain of debt that Britons have built up.

  Read More…’s six easy steps to applying for a credit card for the first time

Gold credit card

Don’t get in a tangle over credit cards, follow this guide to a stress-free application

  Read More…

Save money with the credit card shuffle

Pile of credit cards
A balance transfer could save you money on credit card interest  Read More…

Compare credit cards

Compare cards for anything from balance transfers to credit cards for people with bad credit.

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