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Why longer isn't always better when choosing a credit card

Credit card
Balance-transfer credit cards now offer people looking to shift their debt up to 36-months interest-free. But longer isn’t always better, as we explain.  Read More…

10 things you didn't know about credit cards

Visa credit cards
These facts will help enlighten you about your plastic.  Read More…

Top 10 tips for using your credit card like a sensible adult

Girl with a credit card
Stay in control of your finances and resist the urge to splurge, we've got some tips on how to use your credit card responsibly.  Read More…

Barclaycard offers 36-months 0% interest on balance transfers

Credit card
Credit card repayments too expensive? Now may be the ideal time to transfer your debt.  Read More…

0% credit card price war reignites


Barclaycard, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have all released new 0% credit card deals this week - the latest saga in the ongoing price war between providers.

  Read More…

Tesco launches no-fee 0% credit card

Woman using Tesco credit card at the supermarket
Tesco's latest credit card offers 10 months interest-free on balance transfers.  Read More…

Lloyds launches low-fee 0% credit card

Credit card
Lloyds bank has launched two new credit cards this week, one with a low balance transfer fee of only 0.4%.  Read More…

Barclaycard launches 33-month 0% deal

Credit cards
Barclaycard has increased its top interest-free balance transfer credit card from 32 to 33 months – the longest ever 0% deal available in the UK.  Read More…

Review: Santander 123 cashback card

Booking holiday
Santander has upgraded its interest-free 123 credit card so that it now offers cashback on flights and travel bookings.  Read More…

Tesco launches 30-month 0% credit card

Tesco credit card
Take a look at the 30 month 0% credit card from Tesco Bank.  Read More…

Compare credit cards

Compare cards for anything from balance transfers to credit cards for people with bad credit.

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