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Cash in on a credit card reward scheme

Someone handing over a credit card
With the cost of living on the increase, consumers are looking to get more for their money – and rewards when they spend.  Read More…

Less-than-perfect credit? The 0% credit card for you

A red credit card
The best credit card deals are usually reserved for those with perfect credit history. But could Halifax be about to change all that?  Read More…

Manage your debts with a balance transfer card

Bags of shopping

If your plastic has taken a pounding over the festive season and you’re looking for breathing space, now could be the time to apply for a balance transfer card. 

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Will discount ban kill off store cards?


Many shoppers are familiar with being offered a 10 per cent discount or more on purchases if they take out a store card. But with a ban on such discounts looming, will store cards survive?

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Credit cards for the super-rich

A gold credit card

Most credit cards try to be our friends. We receive emails, post, web adverts inviting us to apply. But there’s a more exclusive range out there that you can’t apply for – cards for the super-rich.

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Top 10 credit card tricks to avoid

A gold credit card
Card providers might win you over with special offers of eye-catching interest rates but be warned, they have a few tricks up their sleeve to sting spenders.
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Plan ahead and cut the cost of Christmas with the right credit card

A gold credit card

Cashback cards and plastic offering 0 per cent interest can both save you money on Christmas purchases. Here is a round-up of the most rewarding credit cards available now.

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Size isn’t everything when it comes to plastic


If you’re looking for a new credit card, it’s easy to get dazzled by the ever-lengthening balance transfer deals that have hit the market in the past few months.

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Is Britain a credit card world-beater?

Macro shot of red credit card

We take a look around the globe to see whether the UK’s love affair with plastic is matched in other countries

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Balance transfer credit cards are back

credit card with UK currency note

A competitive credit card market means there are some great balance transfer cards around Here’s what you need to know before you borrow.

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Compare credit cards

Compare cards for anything from balance transfers to credit cards for people with bad credit.

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