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Four best credit cards to use overseas

With the holiday season fast approaching, we’ve picked out four of the best credit cards to save you money on your travels this summer.

There are several benefits to taking a credit card abroad – for example, if lost or stolen you can cancel the card immediately.

But many cards charge foreign transaction fees when using them outside of the UK.

These can be around 3% and soon add up over the course of a holiday.

Meanwhile, regular travellers who go away several times a year can end up losing out even more.

Travel credit cards worth considering

However, some cards are designed to be used abroad, meaning they won’t charge these extra fees when you spend on them overseas.

We’ve picked out four of the best that the savvy spender might want to consider.

Post Office credit card

The Post Office credit card charges no fees on purchases made overseas.

What’s more, if you use the card to buy currency from the Post Office, online or in one its branches, you won’t be charged commission.

Our verdict: "This is probably one of the best options for people who simply want to benefit from 0% spending on holiday," says Nerys Lewis, head of credit cards at

"It’s essentially a regular credit card with an overseas spending perk, which is a good enough reason alone for many people to take out this card."

Saga Platinum

The Saga Platinum credit card is available to people aged 50 and over.

As well as offering 0% on foreign currency fees, cardholders can get 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for the first nine months.

A 3% balance transfer fee applies.

Our verdict: "This card may prove particularly attractive to holidaying pensioners due to the relatively low £12,000 annual minimum income requirement," Lewis says.

"Many other cards require applicants to earn at least £18,000 per year, which can rule out some people who are living off a pension."

Lloyds Avios Rewards credit cards

Customers get one Lloyds Avios account and two credit cards to use – an American Express credit card and a Mastercard.

You can collect 1.25 Avios points for every £1 you spend on the American Express card.

And 1.25 Avios points for almost every £5 you spend on the MasterCard.

Our verdict: "If you want a premium credit card with added travel benefits then Lloyds Avios could be a good choice.

"Amex can put a lot of people off from applying because not everywhere accepts it, so Lloyds has offered a Mastercard as a backup too.

"But customers should always try to spend on the Amex card first due to the better Avios rewards deal."

Aqua Advance credit card

Most travel credit cards are only available to people with a good credit score.

But people with less-than-perfect credit needn’t miss out as the Aqua Advance is aimed at customers looking to improve their credit rating.

You pay nothing for using it overseas - other than ATM fees if you withdraw cash – and you also get text message alerts when you use it abroad, a useful security feature.

Our verdict: "This credit card could be suitable if you are on a lower income, are self-employed with an irregular income, or are not on the electoral roll," Lewis says.

"The rate of interest charged is quite high – 34.9% APR - so you should make sure you pay off your balance in full and on time each month to avoid interest charges.

"However, if you keep to your credit limit and make repayments when due, your interest rate can drop 5% a year for three years."

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