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Review: Nationwide credit card with 15-months 0% on purchases

Nationwide has increased the 0 per cent purchases period on its credit card from six to 15 months – one of the longest on the market. We take a closer look.

The new Nationwide Purchases credit card offer could be particularly useful for shoppers in the run-up to Christmas.

This is because it will allow you to spend over the festive period and spread the repayments over 15 months without interest charges racking up.

At 16 months, only the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card for purchases offers a longer 0 per cent deal.

Nationwide credit card: Commission-free foreign purchases

Regular travellers may also want to take a look at the Nationwide Purchases credit card thanks to its commission-free allowance scheme.

The scheme works like this: for every £5 you spend in the UK you get £1 worth of commission-free spending abroad.

This is different to most credit cards, which usually charge a foreign transaction fee, or commission fee, when you use your card outside of the UK.

This can be around 3 per cent, which means if you spend £1,000 on holiday, for example, you would be charged £30 in fees.

Nationwide credit card: Drawbacks?

One of the downsides to the credit card is that it has no 0 per cent balance transfer period.

Instead, if you move an existing balance to Nationwide – which comes with a 3.1 per cent transfer fee - you will incur interest from day one at a rate of 15.9 per cent per year.

So people wanting both 0 per cent spending and to transfer a balance may be better off picking a credit card which is interest-free for both purchases and balance transfers.

The commission-free allowance deal may not suit everyone either.

People that want a card purely to use on holiday may be better off picking a travel credit card that offers 0 per cent on all foreign purchases no matter what you spend in the UK.

Our verdict: A good option for those spending at home and abroad

Nerys Lewis is head of credit cards at

She says: "With 15 months interest-free on purchases – the second longest 0 per cent period available in the UK - this credit card is one of the best options for people looking for interest-free spending.

"Because of the way the commission-free allowance works, where spending at home is rewarded abroad, it’s clear that Nationwide doesn’t want you just to use this card on holiday.

"You also have to spend a significant sum to build up a decent allowance.

"So while this isn’t a typical travel credit card, it could be better for some people because travel cards don’t tend to have long 0 per cent purchases periods.

"So this makes it a great option for customers wanting a card to use both at home and on holiday." 

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