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Adam Jolley

Barclaycard launches 30-month 0% deal


Barclaycard’s top credit card now offers borrowers 30 months interest-free on balance transfers, the longest 0 per cent period ever available in the UK.

Credit card

Barclaycard has increased the introductory interest-free period on its Platinum balance transfer credit card from 29 to 30 months.

The transfer fee – the cost of moving your balance from one card to another – is 2.9 per cent.

The latest move follows months of activity in the balance transfer credit card market as providers compete with each other to offer the best deal.

0% balance transfer credit cards wars

Recently Tesco increased the interest-free period on its balance transfer credit card to 28 months.

The card, which has a 2.9 per cent transfer fee, temporarily hit the top of the best-buy charts before Barclaycard hit back to take the top spot once again.

The longest interest-free period on offer was 24 months at the beginning of 2012, which shows just how far balance transfer deals have come of late.

And exactly two years ago the longest balance transfer period available was only 22 months.

Balance transfer best-buy chart

Credit card 0% period Transfer fee Representative APR
Barclaycard Platinum
30 months 2.9% 18.9%
Barclaycard Platinum 28 months
28 months 2.49%
Tesco Clubcard Credit Card
28 months 2.9%
NatWest Platinum
28 months
RBS Platinum
28 months
2.99% 18.9%
Barclaycard Platinum 27 months
27 months
Halifax Balance Transfer
27 months
2.5% 18.9%
MBNA Platinum
27 months
2.75% 18.9%
Fluid Balance Transfer
27 months
Nationwide credit card
26 months

‘Balance transfer deals have never been better’

Nerys Lewis, head of credit cards at, says many people traditionally wait until after Christmas to carry out a balance transfer.

But by doing so this year, she adds, they could miss on the deals available now.

"If you’re paying interest on your current credit card, now is a great time to switch as the deals have never been better," Lewis says.

Only new customers can apply for the Barclaycard deal.

This means existing Barclaycard cardholders wanting to move a balance will have to look elsewhere.

Lewis adds: "On the whole, Barclaycard has been leading the market for a couple of years now.

"But good news for existing Barclaycard customers is that they aren't short of other providers to choose from – with many offering highly competitive deals themselves."

Choose the right balance transfer credit card

Before you apply you should work out how long it will take you to pay off the balance you want to transfer.

If you think you can clear it in less than 30 months you may be better off choosing a credit card with a slightly shorter 0 per cent period.

This is because it could have a lower transfer fee – which may save you money.

For example, the Nationwide credit card offers 26 months interest-free – three less than the market-leading Barclaycard but for a lower 2.4 per cent fee.


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