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Credit card applications peak in January.

Laptop and credit card
The New Year is a common time for many people to look for a 0% balance transfer deal.  Read More…

Credit card options for those with a poor credit history

Piles of credit cards
Even with a poor credit history, it's still possible to get a credit card. Here's how.  Read More…

Tips on managing your credit cards

Scissors cutting a credit card in half
Avoid getting stung by credit card fees with our handy hints and tips.  Read More…

Top 10 credit card pitfalls to avoid

woman with credit card
Here's the top 10 credit card pitfalls to avoid  Read More…

Clear your overdraft with a 0% card

Gold credit card
Facing hefty overdraft charges? Give yourself some breathing space with a money transfer credit card.  Read More…

Common credit card pitfalls to avoid

Pile of credit cards
We look at common credit card pitfalls and how to avoid them.  Read More…

Prepaid credit cards explained

Prepaid cards - teaser
A prepaid card might be a good way for you to manage your finances without reaching beyond your means.  Read More…

Suits you sir! Find a credit card that fits

woman with credit card
We show you how to work out which card is best for you.  Read More…

What to do if rejected for a balance transfer credit card

Credit card application rejected
It's more and more difficult to get accepted for credit. Here's some tips to help you get accepted.  Read More…

Top cards for people with poor credit

credit card in hand
For those who have a less-than-perfect credit history or never had credit before.  Read More…

Compare credit cards

Compare cards for anything from balance transfers to credit cards for people with bad credit.

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