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I’m Why has Daybreak become Good Morning Britain?

Another thing that caused Brits to scratch their heads during April was this: Why has morning TV staple Daybreak changed its name to Good Morning Britain?

What are people saying online?

The decision isn’t going down well with everyone:

Actually, that’s putting it mildly. The sentiment on Twitter seems to be all but unanimous.

Has breakfast time become Americanised?

But those of us with a little bit more frosting on top will remember that Good Morning Britain was, in fact, the ITV’s flagship breakfast show from 1983 to 1992.

Though most famously presented by Anne Diamond and Nick Owen, other memory lane presenters included Wincey Willis, and “Mad Lizzie” Webb, who hosted the exercise chunk of the show. Remember them?

Sadly, it seems the rebrand hasn’t been the shot in the arm that ITV might’ve hoped. See the Radio Times article: Good Morning Britain losing viewers at the same rate as Daybreak.

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What do you think?

Does the name change - or anything else about the new version of Good Morning Britain - puzzle you? 

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