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Owe Carter

I'm Would you wanna marry "Harry"?


The eighth most confusing issue for Brits in May was that of the ‘Prince Harry’ dating show, 'I Wanna Marry "Harry"'.

In this 'reality' programme, a dozen hopefuls vie for the affections of a young man who’s supposedly third in line to the throne. Except ‘Prince Harry’ isn’t all that he appears (PLOT SPOILER: It’s not actually Prince Harry).

The Fox show has just hit the UK, and sees twelve candidates competing for what they believe to be some right royal lovin':

Except that dashing eligible young ginger gent isn't really Prince Harry. It's just some bloke called Matt Hicks:

And what does your average viewer think about this, conceptually speaking?

And not only isn't 'Prince Harry' all that he appears, but he also doesn't even appear it:

Nonetheless, these credulous contestants seem to have fallen for it hook, line and sceptre:

The show sees them hoping to win his affection by competing in rather unprincely challenges:

But what's the most confusing thing about the show? Is it that the twelve contestants are successfully hoodwinked into potentially dating a 'prince'? Or that the show was commissioned in the first place?

'I Wanna Marry "Harry"' airs on ITV on a Wednesday, 9pm.

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