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Adam Davies

I'm about the Yaya Toure birthday row


When rumours spread that Manchester City footballer Yaya Toure wanted to quit because the club forgot his birthday, Britain was

An adult threatening to quit their job because an employer didn't buy them a birthday cake? It must've been a prank:

After all, he's Manchester City's best player:

And the club pay him rather handsomely:

Not to mention the fact that he's a grown man:

So when his agent was interviewed, it was thought he'd clear up the confusion and put these silly rumours to bed. But instead, this happened:

Toure was upset at a "lack of respect" shown by the club in not celebrating his 31st birthday properly. 

No cake, no handshake, not even a birthday Bugatti. The internet couldn't quite believe it:

To confuse matters further, it appears the club did get him a cake. And as this video shows, he really wasn't bothered:

So in stepped Toure himself to try to clear up the confusion:

If his tweets weren't confusing enough, he then deleted them, compounding the confusion:

In lieu of any valid explanation, the internet decided it was all just an elaborate manoeuvre by Toure's agent to try to force a transfer:

Would he stay at Manchester City or would he leave? Even Toure himself seemed

Just when it looked like we'd have to wait until Toure's promised post-World Cup statement to find out the truth, this happened:

It turns out poor Yaya just wanted the promise of a "job for life"! 

The conclusion: It looks like he'll still be a Manchester City player next season:

Maybe Toure just wanted to have his cake and eat it?

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