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Compendium of Confusion

What are Brits most about? We've teamed up with Joey Essex to launch a national 'Compendium of Confusion', aimed at educating the British public about the issues they're most about. 

You’ve come to the right place for finding out what boggled the nation’s collective brain last month. And the results are in for April! Check out the leaderboard to the right to see what those questioned found most baffling.

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I'm Is Facebook Messenger spying on me?

An Apple iPhone with social media software

One in three Brits were confused and concerned about whether Facebook was spying on them through its Messenger app. Let's put that rumour to rest.

What was the UK about in August 2014?

A bloke looking

What befuddled Brits in August? We polled 2,000 people to find out what made them, and pieced together our Compendium of Confusion from their responses.

Quiz: How are you?

BRIAN the Robot asking how are you

How were you about last month's news? Take the quiz and find out! The fewer questions you get right, the more you are.

I'm What is the ice bucket challenge?

Steven Gerrard has a bucket of ice cold water poured over him

The internet has been awash with celebrities pouring buckets of ice cold water over their heads in the name of charity, but why?

I'm about the Ebola virus

Ebola virus on a map of Africa

Concerns about Ebola have spread faster than the virus itself, yet many people are still confused about what it is and the threat it poses.

Joey Essex plays the Compendium of Confusion quiz

The Compendium of Confusion quiz with Joey Essex and BRIAN the Robot

Watch Joey Essex take part in the Compendium of Confusion quiz to help educate him on topics that he's about.

What was the UK about in July 2014?

Compendium of Confusion

What perplexed the nation in July? We asked 2,000 Brits what made them, and pieced together our Compendium of Confusion from their answers.

7 things that made fans during the World Cup

Amazon - paddy power. Come on England!

From fake deforestation to bitey Uruguayans, here are the incidents that left fans during the 2014 World Cup.

Why does it always rain at Glastonbury?

Tents at Glastonbury - teaser

Every June, thousands of festival-goes get rained on at Glastonbury Festival. Why does it always rain?

What was the UK about in June 2014?

A lady pondering, looking slightly confused

For our Compendium of Confusion, we found what the nation found most confusing in June 2014. Discover what sent heads spinning here.

Joey Essex launches the Compendium of Confusion

Joey Essex launches the Compendium of Confusion

Watch Joey Essex describe topics, including the Scottish Referendum, to Mastermind champion Clive Dunning.

Why was Jonathan Pearce by goal line technology?

Jonathan Pearce commentary teaser

When commentator Jonathan Pearce was by goal line technology during the France and Honduras World Cup game, the internet reacted.

Did Paddy Power really cut down the Amazon?

Amazon - paddy power. Come on England!

When Paddy Power showed their support for England's World Cup team by seemingly carving up the Amazon rainforest, the internet was

I'm Would you wanna marry "Harry"?

Prince Harry 'lookalike' Matt Hicks In terms of what Brits were about in May, 'reality' TV show 'I Wanna Marry "Harry"' came in eighth place. So what's it all about?

Are driverless cars the future?

A motorway at rush hour

Experts think it's just a matter of time before self-driving vehicles appear on our roads. Would you be happy if a computer was in charge of your car?

Blog: Are women only parking spaces really necessary?

Female-only parking space in Cologne Germany

A number of countries now offer female drivers dedicated parking spots. But do women really need this kind of 'help'? Maria McCarthy investigates.

I'm about the Oxford Circus octopus

Octopus on the back of a lorry

When a lorry carrying a giant plastic octopus broke down in the middle of London's Oxford Circus during a morning rush hour, Britain was

I'm about the different dates of Mother's Day

Young boy celebrating Mother's Day

Keep your mum happy: Find out why Britain and America celebrate Mother's Day on different dates, and how you can remember which day is which.

I'm about Yaya Toure's birthday row

Yaya Toure celebrates scoring a goal

When rumours started circulating that Manchester City footballer Yaya Toure wanted to quit because the club forgot his birthday, Britain was

I'm Why did Solange attack Jay-Z?

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Solange and Tina Knowles pose for a photo

When mysterious CCTV footage surfaced of Jay-Z being attacked in a lift by his sister-in-law Solange Knowles, the internet wondered why.

I'm Who killed Lucy Beale?

Lucy Beale

When Eastenders' Lucy Beale was brutally murdered on Walford Common, it sparked the biggest whodunnit in the soap's history. We take a look at the suspects.

I'm about glow-in-the-dark roads

Glow in the dark road

What's the deal with these glow-in-the-dark highways which have been introduced in the Netherlands?

Why has Daybreak become Good Morning Britain?

Good morning Britain teaser For the Compendium of Confusion, we tackle the burning issue: Why has Daybreak become Good Morning Britain?

I’m What is the Heartbleed bug?


One thing confusing the nation during April was the Heartbleed virus. So what is it? And how might it affect you?

What was the UK about in May 2014?

Compendium of Confusion

For our Compendium of Confusion, we found what most confused the nation in May 2014. Discover what befuddled most Brits here. Compendium of confusion leaderboard July 2014 edition