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I love my car!

Cat Buckland and her Land Rover

Cat Buckland' Land Rover

Catherine Buckland - 24 years old - got her Land Rover Freelander 4x4 nine months ago and says it has been the best, most reliable car she has ever owned. It even fits her canoes on to the roof rack.

Cat nicknamed her car 'Dory' after the fish out of the film Finding Nemo as it’s blue and yellow. And, like Dory, she often forgets where she is going and is prone to getting lost! Cat also confessed that she often talks to her car when she coaches it into a parking space or out of a turning.

“I love my car and feel it has become a part of the family!”, says Cat.

Lulu Butt and her VW Camper

Lulu Butt

Lulu Butt lives in Somerset with her two daughters and their VW camper van called ‘Meg’. Read more about Lulu Butt

Yasmina Jones and her Porsche

Yasmina Jones and Porsche

Yasmina Jones - 27 years old - lives in Twickenham, and has recently become the proud owner of her Dad’s Porsche 944S2 Cabriolet. Read more about Yamina Jones

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Why we love our cars

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Why we love cars


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