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I love my car!

Proud owners tell us why they love their cars

It’s no wonder we feel emotionally attached to our cars when you think of how many important life moments we have in them. For example, how many of your relationships begun or ended in a car? How many big conversations or arguments has your car heard?

Although cars are mass produced, we feel a strong sense of affinity towards them. We personalise them with familiar smells, play our favourite music in them and adorn them with objects such pictures of the kids on the dashboard or toys hanging from the rear view mirror.

It’s therefore no surprise that once you give your car a name, it’s practically a member of the family!

Cat Buckland and her Land Rover

Cat Buckland Land Rover

Catherine Buckland got her Land Rover Freelander 4x4 nine months ago and says “I love my car's become a part of the family!”. Read more about Cat Buckland

Yasmina Jones and her Porsche

Yasmina Jones and Porsche

Yasmina Jones - 27 years old - lives in Twickenham, and has recently become the proud owner of her Dad’s Porsche 944S2 Cabriolet. Read more about Yamina Jones

Lulu Butt and her VW Camper

Lulu Butt

Lulu Butt lives in Somerset with her two daughters and their VW camper van called ‘Meg’. Read more about Lulu Butt

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Why we love our cars

Read a psychologist's view
Why we love cars


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