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Carrot car insurance

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  • East Wing, The Quadrangle
  • Crewe Hall
  • Weston Road
  • Crewe
  • CW1 6UY

Why choose Carrot car insurance?

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Carrot car insurance: facts

  • An i-box is used to measure your driving score
  • Get cashback and rewards for a safe driver score
  • UK offices based in Crewe

Once you have taken out an insurance policy with Carrot, an engineer will be sent out, at a time that is convenient for you within two weeks of your policy inception, to fit an i-box inside your car - this is about the size of a small mobile phone. The i-box is fitted with motion sensors, accelerometers and various other technology to help Carrot to give you a driving score based on how well you drive.

You start with a driving score of zero and your score will go up or down depending on how well you drive. You can keep an eye on your score via an online dashboard or with the Carrot app on your mobile phone. Carrot will review your premium every three months and if you have scored well, you will receive cashback on a pre-paid Carrot card, which you can spend wherever and whenever you want. 

Your Carrot card can also get you cashback on purchases from selected retailers, such as Topshop, Argos or Debehams - making your rewards go even further. Don't worry, if you haven't scored so well in that quarter, Carrot won't penalise you with any fines and your premium won't go up.

As well as rewarding you for safe driving, Carrot also give you the following benefits as standard with comprehensive policies:

  • A courtesy car (subject to availability)
  • Personal effects cover
  • EU cover up to 14 days
  • Windscreen cover
  • Legal cover up to £100,000

You can also add breakdown cover as an optional extra to enhance your policy even further.