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No-claims bonus car insurance

No-claims car insurance quotes from

  • Get the right price for being a careful driver  
  • If you have 4 or more years no-claims, you could be eligible to protect your no-claims bonus
  • Looking for more information?  Take a look at our car insurance guides for lots of helpful information

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How does no-claims bonus affect car insurance?

A no-claims bonus (NCB) is awarded by insurers for each year you hold a car insurance policy in your name and don't make a claim. 

Your no-claims history is just one of the factors an insurer looks at when calculating a car insurance premium but as a general rule, the more years you’ve been driving without making a claim, the cheaper your car insurance could be.

So if you have zero NCB or just a year or two, chances are your car insurance will be more expensive because an insurer will assume you’re less experienced or that you may have had an accident in the last few years.

It's usually the case that only the main driver on a policy earns a no-claims bonus, but some insurers do offer to award named drivers as well. The best way to be sure is to check your policy details. 

What else should I know about no-claims bonus?

  • If you've built up NCB on a company car, you may be able to transfer it to your own policy. Find out more by reading our article - How to transfer your company car no-claims bonus 
  • Insurers will usually require proof of your NCB before fully validating your policy
  • You can usually request written proof of your NCB from your insurer
  • One of the questions asked during our quote process is 'How much NCB do you have?' 
  • Generally speaking, insurers count a maximum of 5 years NCB
  • Once you have 4 years of NCB, some insurers allow you to pay to protect it. This means if you have an accident, your NCB won't be affected

For an in-depth explanation of no-claims bonus, what happens to it if you're involved in an accident and how it affects premiums, head over to our guide - No-claims bonus explained

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If you're a new or young driver starting out, the price of car insurance can be a put off, but with a couple of years careful driving and more experience behind the wheel, you should begin to see your price lower.

When looking for a policy, as well as comparing up to 145 car insurance providers, there are several options to consider that can help you on your way to earning NCB:

  • Traditional policies - Third party only, third party fire & theft and comprehensive. Find out more about these policy types using our guide - A guide to car insurance policy types
  • Black box or telematics policies - Installing a small box to your car that monitors how you drive (your speed, cornering, braking etc.) can provide insurers enough information to base your premium on. MotorMate from, is our very own app that can be used as a light introduction to the technology. For more information, take a look at our telematics page
  • Multi car policy - If you're part of a family with more than one car, it might be more cost effective to insure them under a single policy. Multi car allows you to receive a discount on two or more cars under the same policy. Our multi car page helps explain the policy in more detail and can help you start a quote