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Ministers delay road safety paper

  •  20 Dec, 2013
Young male driver in car

Ministers have once again postponed the publication of a Green Paper on young driver safety.

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New Year's Day driving warning

  •  31 Dec, 2013
Alcoholic drink and car keys

New Year's Eve drinkers are being warned they could potentially be over the drink driving limit for the whole of New Year's Day.

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TfL plans to up congestion charge

  •  07 Jan, 2014
Congestion charge sign

London's congestion charge daily fee is set to rise by 15 per cent.

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Petrol prices on the rise again

  •  20 Dec, 2013
Fuel station at night

The autumn dip in petrol prices failed to stimulate sales and the cost of filling up is rising again, according to the AA.

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Asda starts festive petrol price war

  •  18 Dec, 2013
Filling up on fuel

Motorists are being offered an early Christmas present after supermarket giant Asda sparked a price war.

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Public urged to confront drink-drivers

  •  11 Dec, 2013
Alcoholic drink and car keys

Fewer people are driving after an alcoholic drink, but a road safety charity is calling on festive party-goers to stand up to those who still insist on breaking the rules.

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'Crash for cash' hotspots named

  •  03 Dec, 2013
A back-end shunt

Drivers in Birmingham and Bradford are the most likely to be targeted by "crash for cash" criminals, according to experts.

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Morning after drink-driving rises

  •  28 Nov, 2013
Older driver being alcohol breath tested

Experts are urging Christmas revellers to resist the temptation to get behind the wheel the morning after an alcohol-fuelled office party or night on the town.

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Drivers warned about hangover driving

  •  10 Dec, 2013
Alcoholic drink and car keys

A hangover following a night of heavy drinking can impair driving performance as much as driving under the influence of alcohol, according to new research.

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High fuel costs force cars off road

  •  04 Dec, 2013
Filling up with petrol

Motorists are continuing to use their cars less due to high fuel prices, research has suggested.

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