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M25 cyclist causes travel chaos

  •  26 Feb, 2014
Motorway traffic

Motorists faced lengthy delays after a cyclist strayed onto the M25 during rush hour.

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Add-on insurance crackdown planned

  •  12 Mar, 2014
A cyclist, pedestrian and cars
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced plans to crack down on the use of pre-ticked boxes aimed at getting consumers to buy "add-on" insurance products.  Read More…

New cameras spot traffic offences

  •  18 Feb, 2014
Security camera in cage

An east London council has launched a remote camera system to catch out motorists committing traffic offences.

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Trend shifts to independent garages

  •  11 Feb, 2014
Car service

Two out of three owners of new cars are taking them to independent garages for servicing, repairs and MOTs, according to a new poll.

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Drivers admit concentration lapses

  •  12 Feb, 2014

Half of young drivers admit to sometimes not giving their full concentration when behind the wheel.

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MPs give backing to car smoking ban

  •  11 Feb, 2014
Hand holding cigarette in car

A ban on smoking in cars when children are passengers now looks set to become law after MPs gave it their backing.

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One in five behind wheel is over 65

  •  17 Jan, 2014
An older driver in a car

Britain faces many challenges caused by its ageing population but the fact there are more mature drivers on the roads is good news for safety, according to a charity.

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Warning of transport poverty rise

  •  06 Feb, 2014
filling up car

Families with low incomes are having to make cuts elsewhere to afford rising motoring costs, the RAC Foundation warns.

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Questions over new 'greener' fuel

  •  07 Feb, 2014
Man filling up car petrol tank

Moves to introduce a new greener blend of petrol may cost UK drivers billions of pounds a year, experts have warned.

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Drug-driving admissions have halved

  •  07 Feb, 2014
Man filling up car petrol tank

The number of motorists admitting to drug-driving is falling, according to government figures.

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