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Manufacturers cheating fuel tests

  •  06 May, 2014
Man filling up car petrol tank

A Brussels-based transport pressure group has accused car manufacturers of cheating the system in a bid to meet emission targets and trick motorists into buying their vehicles.

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Jail warning for drive ban killers

  •  06 May, 2014
Image of cars on a motorway

Tougher sentences are to be handed down to disqualified drivers who kill while behind the wheel.

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Ford issues money saving advice

  •  02 May, 2014
Car cost

Drivers have been given four top tips by a leading manufacturer that can apparently save them at least £800 a year.

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Government wants clearer road signs

  •  02 May, 2014
Road signs

The government wants to give councils new powers to reduce the number of road signs and markings across the UK.

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Green light for roads agency reform

  •  01 May, 2014
A busy motorway

The Highways Agency is to be transformed into a government-owned firm in a bid to save money and ensure the management of England's "neglected" main roads is improved.

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System to stop drivers texting

  •  25 Apr, 2014
A driver texting while driving

Apple is currently working on a system to prevent people from using their mobile phones behind the wheel.

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12% rise in UK car manufacturing

  •  24 Apr, 2014
A row of cars for sale

The number of cars manufactured in the UK last month was 12% higher than in the corresponding period of last year, according to official figures.

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'Speak up' to halt drink-drivers

  •  17 Apr, 2014
A man drinking alcohol

Passengers in vehicles driven by drink-drivers are being urged to speak out and save lives.

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Plea over council traffic 'spies'

  •  17 Apr, 2014
CCTV cameras monitoring traffic

Campaigners are calling for a ban on the use of CCTV and "spy cars" for parking and traffic enforcement.

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Plea to councils over parking fines

  •  15 Apr, 2014
Parking ticket

Councils dished out parking fines at the rate of one every four seconds last year, it has been revealed.

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