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Advice for drivers hitting foreign roads

  •  02 Jun, 2014
Car on a map

Motorists are being urged to take a few simple precautions to protect themselves and others on foreign roads this summer.

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German cars lead satisfaction table

  •  29 May, 2014
Volkswagen car badge

Cars made by German-owned manufacturers are the most satisfying, according to a survey of more than 15,000 motorists.

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Arguing biggest road trip bugbear

  •  28 May, 2014
Two children in car back seats

Back seat arguments between siblings has been revealed as the biggest annoyance for parents on long car journeys.

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Google to build self-driving car

  •  28 May, 2014
Google self-driving car

Google is building a car without a steering wheel that will drive itself.

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Drivers admit motorway tailgating

  •  22 May, 2014
A busy motorway

Motorway tailgating is a major worry for most motorists but many admit to doing it themselves, according to a survey.

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17m cars set to take to the road

  •  22 May, 2014
Motorway traffic jam

Motorists are being warned that the spring bank holiday weekend is likely to be one of the busiest ever on our roads.

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Car maintenance baffling millions

  •  19 May, 2014
Car service

Most motorists understand the importance of keeping their vehicles properly maintained, but millions do not have the skills to do it, the results of a new survey suggest.

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Heathrow congestion charge pondered

  •  09 May, 2014
Heathrow airport

Those travelling to Heathrow by car could face a congestion charge should the west London airport be chosen for expansion.

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Smart motorway fears revealed

  •  09 May, 2014
Motorway traffic

Many drivers are worried about their safety on new Smart motorways which are being introduced across England, according to a survey.

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Manufacturers cheating fuel tests

  •  06 May, 2014
Man filling up car petrol tank

A Brussels-based transport pressure group has accused car manufacturers of cheating the system in a bid to meet emission targets and trick motorists into buying their vehicles.

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