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Car related news

Most motorists still economising on fuel

  •  11 Jul, 2014
Man filling his car up with fuel

Fewer than one in 14 motorists are clocking up more miles than they were 12 months ago despite a drop in petrol prices, the results of a new survey suggest.

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Drivers underestimate car costs

  •  10 Jul, 2014
A man attaching a tyre to a car

A secondhand car can be more expensive to run than many drivers expect, according to a new survey.

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Fuel duty pledge could tackle potholes

  •  08 Jul, 2014
Pothole road damaged

The Coalition could raise another £1 billion to spend on fixing the roads of England and Wales, if it were to set aside an extra 2p a litre of the fuel duty it receives from the motoring public.

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Driver passes test at 24th attempt

  •  07 Jul, 2014
Learner sign being ripped

Perseverance has finally paid off for Britain's most persistent learner driver.

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Public back curbs on new drivers

  •  02 Jul, 2014
A recently-passed learner driver

Two-thirds of the public would like to see restrictions placed on recently qualified young drivers, according to an RAC Foundation survey.

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White van men worst for tailgating

  •  30 Jun, 2014
A white van on the road

Motorists should beware of the White Van Man on their tail, according to a survey of thousands of accidents.

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Motorists want more traffic officers

  •  25 Jun, 2014
Traffic officer

As many as 60% of motorists believe there are not enough police officers on the road to enforce driving laws, according to an RAC survey.

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CCTV car ban for 'greedy councils'

  •  23 Jun, 2014
A CCTV "spy car"

The government is to ban councils from using CCTV "spy cars" to retrospectively catch motorists who break parking rules, it has been announced.

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New owner can lose car over loan

  •  23 Jun, 2014
Someone handing over a car key

Consumers who buy secondhand cars are at risk of inheriting debts taken out by the previous owner that could end up with their vehicle being seized.

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Fines could be increased fourfold

  •  10 Jun, 2014
Police man holding speeding gun

A fourfold increase in the maximum fines available to magistrates is to be introduced - meaning motorway speeders could be forced to pay up to £10,000, and disorderly drunks £4,000, the government said.

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