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Car related news

Drivers sacrificing car maintenance

  •  07 Nov, 2013
Car service

Motorists are putting themselves and others in danger by trying to penny pinch rather than fix simple vehicle faults in time for winter, according to a poll by Suzuki and Brake.

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Dodgy cars scrapped within weeks

  •  05 Nov, 2013
Exhaust fumes from faulty car

Citizens Advice is being inundated with requests for help from motorists experiencing problems with "dodgy" used motors, new figures reveal.

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Hi-tech glasses 'distract drivers'

  •  04 Nov, 2013
Google glasses

A woman fined for wearing 'Google glasses' while driving insists the technology makes navigation easier.

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One in five drivers asleep at wheel

  •  30 Oct, 2013
Asleep at car wheel

Almost one in five drivers have nodded off while behind the wheel, according to a new report.

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Supermarkets cut fuel prices

  •  29 Oct, 2013
A petrol station pump

Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco announce a cut in petrol and diesel prices from Wednesday, in a move that is bound to please motorists.

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DIY car disasters 'cost £300m a year'

  •  18 Oct, 2013
Car service

The British public is shelling out an estimated £300 million a year in getting professionals to put right botched DIY jobs, it is claimed.

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Drivers used as 'wallets on wheels'

  •  14 Oct, 2013
Model car on coin piles

Drivers are viewed as "wallets on wheels" by the government and local councils, the AA has claimed.

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Older drink-driving on the rise

  •  14 Oct, 2013
Older driver being alcohol breath tested

An increasing number of older motorists are risking their safety and that of other road users by drinking and driving, a new survey has discovered.

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Scousers top penalty points table

  •  04 Oct, 2013
A yellow speed camera

Motorists in Liverpool are the most likely in England and Wales to have points on their licence.

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Police crackdown on 'distracted' drivers

  •  02 Oct, 2013
A driver using a Blackberry

A crackdown on distracted drivers caught one motorist having a shave using a razor and a water bottle and a woman doing her make-up in the rear view mirror.

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