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Parking fees 'make drivers walk'

  •  22 Nov, 2013
Please pay at meter sign

Most drivers are willing to walk instead of pay a parking fee, new research suggests.

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UK petrol prices hit 30-month low

  •  22 Nov, 2013
car fueling at the petrol station

Petrol prices are at their lowest for two-and-a-half years, leaving more money in the pockets of families and businesses across the UK, according to a new study.

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Calls for green man to stay lit up longer

  •  19 Nov, 2013
pedestrian crossing

A road safety charity is urging the government to increase road crossing times in the UK.

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Drivers urged to ditch mobile phones

  •  18 Nov, 2013
Close up of woman using a phone while driving

This year's Road Safety Week is calling for motorists to abandon once and for all the idea of using a mobile phone while driving.

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'One in five drivers' open to black box

  •  15 Nov, 2013

Almost one in five drivers will consider getting a 'black box' fitted in their car when they next renew their insurance, new research suggests.

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Electric car sales at record high

  •  13 Nov, 2013
electric vehicle badge

A growing number of motorists are getting rid of their petrol and diesel-powered cars in favour of green models.

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£1.9bn to be spent on roads in 2014

  •  13 Nov, 2013
A busy motorway

Funding worth almost £2 billion will be used to improve the roads in England and Wales next year, the government has announced.

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Bikes 'catch drivers by surprise'

  •  11 Nov, 2013
A motorbike in traffic

Motorcyclists often catch drivers by surprise, with many road users believing them to be inconsiderate.

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'13' plates not unlucky after all

  •  11 Nov, 2013
Motorway traffic

People driving a car with a '13' number plate have been found to have the lowest accident rate of any new car owners in the last decade.

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Drivers sacrificing car maintenance

  •  07 Nov, 2013
Car service

Motorists are putting themselves and others in danger by trying to penny pinch rather than fix simple vehicle faults in time for winter, according to a poll by Suzuki and Brake.

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