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New car sales ahead of 2012 total

  •  06 Dec, 2013
Car salesman handing a couple car keys

Sales of new cars in 2013 have already outstripped the total for the whole of last year.

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Drivers warned about hangover driving

  •  10 Dec, 2013
Alcoholic drink and car keys

A hangover following a night of heavy drinking can impair driving performance as much as driving under the influence of alcohol, according to new research.

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Tax discs and fuel duty rise binned

  •  05 Dec, 2013
Vehicle tax disc

An electronic system is to replace the humble car tax disc, bringing to an end 90 years of tradition.

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More hydrogen cars in the pipeline

  •  25 Nov, 2013
Hydrogen car

The most desirable green transport of the future may turn out to be powered by hydrogen and water vapour, rather than electricity.

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High fuel costs force cars off road

  •  04 Dec, 2013
Filling up with petrol

Motorists are continuing to use their cars less due to high fuel prices, research has suggested.

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'Bad diesel' warning for motorists

  •  13 Dec, 2013
Car engine

Concentrations of biodiesel could be behind a growing number of vehicle breakdowns caused by engines becoming clogged up with a thick gel.

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Call for car insurance premiums reform

  •  17 Dec, 2013
Car collision on main road

The Competition Commission has called for far-reaching reforms to help bring down the cost of car insurance premiums.

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Gridlock 'costs billions each year'

  •  18 Dec, 2013
Busy motorway

The annual cost of gridlock in urban areas has been estimated to cost car-commuting households £4.4 billion a year.

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Lifelong effect of drink-driving

  •  04 Dec, 2013
A man drinking at the wheel

Motorists have been urged to think about how getting caught drink-driving could affect the rest of their lives.

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No further UK road toll plans

  •  04 Dec, 2013
A busy motorway

Ministers have no further plans to charge motorists to use new roads after dropping proposals for the country's first toll scheme in a decade.

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