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Car related news

Petrol prices 'up 5p in a month'

  •  15 Feb, 2013
A green petrol pump

Petrol prices have risen by more than 5p a litre in just over a month, according to the AA.

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Young drivers 'use roads safely'

  •  23 Nov, 2012
Young female driver on the road

Almost 30 per cent of young motorists believe they are better and safer drivers than their parents and grandparents.

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Texting drivers 'unlikely to be caught'

  •  08 Aug, 2014

Motorists are not just frustrated by the lack of police presence on Britain's roads - they now believe there is little chance of law-breakers being caught and prosecuted.

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Petrol price relief for drivers

  •  06 Aug, 2014
filling up car

Petrol price pressure on the purse strings of drivers has eased, according to figures from the AA.

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Diesel drivers may face new penalties

  •  05 Aug, 2014
Car parked on pavement

Drivers of diesel vehicles who leave their engines running unnecessarily face being fined in one council area - and it is thought that other local authorities could soon follow suit.

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'Millions in parking fines owed'

  •  04 Aug, 2014
Pay and display parking sign

Millions of pounds worth of unpaid parking fines have to be written off each year by councils unable to trace drivers of foreign vehicles.

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Road users wary of driverless cars

  •  30 Jul, 2014
Google self-driving car

Road users will be wary of the introduction of driverless cars, motoring groups have claimed.

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Diesel drivers 'pollution penalty'

  •  29 Jul, 2014
An exhaust pipe emitting fumes

Drivers of diesel cars could have to pay more in road tax or face additional levies to travel into city centres in an effort to tackle pollution, it is reported.

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Drink-drive zero-tolerance urged

  •  28 Jul, 2014
Alcoholic drink and car keys

A road safety group has called on all political parties to make zero-tolerance on drink-driving a cornerstone of their general election campaigns next year.

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Drivers feel squeeze on parking

  •  28 Jul, 2014
Please pay at meter sign

Motorists are feeling the squeeze on parking - with rising charges and fewer and smaller spaces, according to the RAC.

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