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Tyre label efficiency rules from EU

A Good Year tyre07/11/12

By Chris Gibbings

EU rules now require all tyre sellers to label their products according to their fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise performance.

However, the rules, in place since the start of the month, do not cover new cars in showrooms fitted with original tyres.

There is an A to G rating system for the tyre label, running from the best to the worst in terms of fuel efficiency and wet grip. The external rolling noise is rated in decibels.

The tyre industry in the UK has broadly welcomed the EU-wide regulations which are described as the "biggest change to the industry and the way tyres are sold for more than 50 years" by the Freight Transport Association.

But the welcome was qualified, with Michelin saying the rules should have included a wear rating with the high amount of cars failing MoTs because tread fell below the 1.6mm legal limit.

Michelin managing director Eric Le Corre said the company wanted guidance on tyre durability to indicate how long the item should last.

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