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A new survey from lifts the lid on Britain's potholes


By Lois Avery

A common bugbear for many motorists is the millions of potholes that plague the UK’s roads.

They damage cars, cause accidents when drivers swerve to avoid them, and make driving a less enjoyable experience. So, here at we polled around 2,000 drivers to see what they think about Britain’s pothole problem.

And the problem is clear to see; more than two thirds of drivers surveyed said they come across between 1 and 5 potholes every day, with just over a quarter saying they encounter between 5 and 10. And 88 per cent of these motorists say they aren’t given enough warning about upcoming potholes.

So what should councils do in order to tackle the problem? According to three quarters of those questioned, local authorities should erect road signs specifically to alert drivers to roads with potholes and 5 per cent even admitted that they’d consider using Polyfilla to banish potholes.

Check out our league table of the ten worst offending councils to see which areas have the worst pothole repair reputation.

Top ten councils with the worst roads in the UK, June 2011
County Website Telephone number
1. Gloucestershire Hazard reporting telephone 08000 514 514
2. Kent Hazard reporting telephone 08458 247 800
3. Coventry Hazard reporting telephone 0500 834 333
4. Buckinghamshire Call 0845 230 2882 to speak to council
5. Surrey Hazard reporting telephone 0300 200 1003
6. Glasgow Hazard reporting telephone 0800 373635
7. Wiltshire Call 01225 718012 to speak to council
8. Sheffield Call 0114 273 5907 to speak to council
9. Cumbria Call 01228 606 060 to speak to council
10. Northamptonshire    Call 01604 236236 to speak to council

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