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Renault announces new electric Zoe

A couple looking at a car-shaped cloud01/11/12

By Michael Holder

Drivers interested in owning an electric car can now order the Renault Zoe, which is said to be a great leap in innovation for non-petrol powered vehicles.

The Zoe is the first of Renault's to be designed as an electric vehicle from bottom to top and boasts an 87bhp electric motor with 162lb. ft of torque.

Renault's Kangoo Z.E. and Fluence Z.E. were both initially designed with internal combustion engines, while their Twizy doesn't technically count as a car.

The Zoe is capable in theory of travelling 130 miles before needing a recharge, but in reality this should mean from 90-100 miles for most drivers.

The Government's plug-in car grant means that the price of the supermini-sized Zoe begins at only £13,650, which includes an very good kit list.

There are three trim levels of the Zoe - the first-level Expression and two higher versions that are the same price but have varying styles and equipment.

The Zoe Dynamique Zen comes with an interior and exterior light colour palette along with Renault's 'Take Care by Renault' package, which features an air freshener, an ioniser, an air toxicity sensor and Teflon-coated seats.

The Dynamique Intens, on the other hand, include a rear parking camera as standard with a 'dark interior ambience' and 16-inch alloy wheels.

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