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Motorists 'scared of crashing'


By Daniel Machin

A fear of crashing affects the vast majority of motorists on the road, research shows.

Allianz Insurance polled 1,000 people and found that 79% suffer from "accident anxiety" behind the wheel, with middle-aged drivers the most worried.

This concern is so great that 17% have actually decided not to make a particular journey due to their apprehension.

Tailgating is the biggest worry to drivers, with many uncomfortable at the sight of a vehicle following closely behind them.

Tailgating, road rage and uninsured drivers

Road rage and uninsured drivers are two of the other most prominent fears.

Allianz Insurance chief executive Jon Dye is concerned by the figures.

"It's worrying to see that so many motorists feel they will have an accident, and yet so few feel more driver training would help," he said.

"Drivers can only drive at their best if they feel calm and alert and not unduly worried about what other motorists are getting up to.

"Tailgating, 'road rage' and uninsured drivers can all cause accidents and contribute to the claims costs faced by insurers at a time when the industry is looking to bring down premiums in a sensible way for customers."

Anxious on the road

The survey reveals that 83% of drivers aged 35-44 get anxious on the road - the highest proportion of any age group.

Of those who have been involved in vehicle accidents in the past, 81% claimed it was not their fault while 22% admitted they felt more worried, more stressed and less confident afterwards.

Yet, despite this, just 7% reckoned more driver training would be the answer to their problems.

Women are notably more worried than men after a collision.

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