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Manchester is drink-drive capital

Cars driving at night on a motorway11/12/12

By Michael Allen

Around one in seven drivers admit that they have driven while over the legal alcohol limit, according to research.

The survey by LV= car insurance also found that a fifth of motorists have no knowledge of the alcohol content of different drinks.

The insurance company spoke to 2,028 people and 15 per cent admitted drinking and driving at some point, almost double the proportion who made such an admission in 2009.

A pint of lager is the most frequently underestimated drink, with around four fifths of motorists thinking it contains less alcohol than it does.

The majority of motorists are also unaware that a large 250ml glass of wine contains three units of alcohol, most claim it contains just two units.

LV= also submitted a Freedom of Information request to police forces in England and Wales and discovered that more drinking and driving arrests are made in December than any other month.

The five areas that have caught the most motorists drink-driving this year are Greater Manchester (over 3,500 caught), Thames Valley (1,844), Hampshire (1,646), Strathclyde (1,600) and Kent (1,514).

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