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Istanbul traffic 'worst in Europe'

Traveller's suitcase12/10/12

By Nick Rowan

A new study has identified the European cities that are worst affected by traffic congestion - but London is not even top of the charts for the UK.

The congestion index was compiled by the satellite navigation manufacturer TomTom after monitoring millions of journeys across the continent.

Istanbul was identified as the most congested city in Europe, with road traffic rising by 57 per cent during peak hours.

Although London traffic increased by 26 per cent during the rush hour, it was actually the Leeds/Bradford conurbation that showed the biggest spike in traffic with a 27 per cent rise.

The area had a 10 per cent increase in the congestion index compared to the same quarter last year. TomTom said that this represented the biggest increase of any region in Europe.

The European city that was closest behind Istanbul was Warsaw, where congestion increased by 45 per cent at peak hours.

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