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Figures show fall in UK road deaths

Car accident on a white backgeround05/11/12

By Sarah Tawton

Fewer people died on Britain's roads this spring, according to the latest official statisticst.

New quarterly figures reveal that the number of fatalities and serious injuries fell by 6 per cent to 5,970 during the April-June period.

Ministers said the wet weather had helped to keep cyclists and motorcyclists off the roads, leading to a decline in the number of casualties.

The number of minor injuries fell by 7 per cent to 41,910, the provisional figures show. Total casualties - including deaths, serious injuries and slight injuries - were down by 7 per cent to 47,880.

Child casualties also fell sharply, with the total number of youngsters killed or seriously injured down 14 per cent to 610.

The figures reveal that April to June saw the largest fall in the overall number of child casualties for more than two decades, with the figure falling by 16 per cent.

The Department for Transport warned that the figures should be "treated with caution" as the second quarter of the year had seen extremely wet weather across England, with rainfall levels more than double the 1981/2010 average in April and June.

It said: "This wet weather is likely to have reduced levels of pedal cycle and motorcycle traffic in particular.

"Provisional traffic statistics show a fall in overall traffic of 1.1 per cent between 2011 Q2 and 2012 Q2, with a much larger fall in the other motor vehicles category, which incorporates motorcycles."

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