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Fears over depth of tyre knowledge

Spare tyre02/11/12

By Ian Barnsley

A shocking number of drivers are putting lives at risk due to their lack of tyre knowledge, according to manufacturer Goodyear.

Research carried out by the company found that over half of the 2,000 motorists it surveyed were not aware of the 1.6mm legal requirement for the depth of tyre treads.

Tyre conditions are big worry for motoring safety campaigners, especially when more than half of 30,000 vehicles checked this year were found to have tyre treads below the 1.6mm limit. It is hoped that new tyre label legislation, which came into force across Europe on November 1, will help improve safety. Tyres will now carry clear details on wet grip, fuel efficiency and external noise.

Other alarming facts discovered in the research were that only 30 per cent of drivers check their tyre pressures at least once a month and 13 per cent are of the opinion that stopping distances decrease when roads are wet.

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