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Cars prove first date turn-off

Woman taking drive with boyfriend24/3/14

By Ian Barnsley

The practicality of 'estate' style cars makes them a poor choice for people going on first dates, according to new research.

Europcar found although estates are good for moving items and a variety of other jobs, they are unlikely to help people impress potential partners.

Of the poll participants just 1% said they would be happy to drive a partner to a first date in an estate car and the research also found that many women are put off by their practicality.

Cars make a lasting impression

Mercedes-Benz and other prestigious models are thought to be the cars most likely to make a lasting first impression.

Nearly a third of the respondents would choose such cars, while more than a fifth would prefer motoring in a coupe, the survey found.

It seems driving the right kind of car is particularly crucial to younger motorists.

Nearly a quarter - 23% - of 25 to 34-year-olds indicating the fact, but a nice smile is classed as the main thing 49% of people notice on a first date.

The wow factor

"Although we make judgements about people every day, this is magnified on a first date," said Ken McCall, Managing Director, Europcar UK Group. 

"But our research suggests that a winning smile and a set of prestige wheels with wow factor could make sure there's a good chance of a second date!" he said.

A quarter of women would prefer to be picked up in a limo for a first date, while a similar share of men would select a sports car.

Motorists in the North East are the most likely to think a car is the key to impressing a potential partner, with 44 per cent giving the opinion.

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