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Maybach car insurance

Don't be a 'bach seat driver, take the wheel and get cover today!

  • Designed for chauffeur driven luxury
  • Owned by Daimler AG
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Maybach are manufacturers of luxury cars in the same league as Rolls Royce and Bentley. A German company, Maybach have been building cars since 1909 and today are owned by Daimler AG, the company that owns Mercedes-Benz and Smart.

Maybachs are cars to sit back and relax in and let the chauffeur do the driving. With a refrigerator for chilled drinks, reclining rear seats with legrests and footrests, multimedia entertainment system and an electrotransparent partition (a retractable glass partition which can be made transparent or opaque at the touch of a button), you enter a world of style, comfort and luxury when you enter a Maybach. can help you get a quote for your Maybach that's the same as going direct - or cheaper.

Maybach insurance groups

Typically, the lower your insurance group, the cheaper your premiums, but other factors like your age, address and driving history are taken into consideration when calculating a quote.

Check out our table of Maybach models to see which group your car might sit in.


Engine capacity

Typical insurance group 

Tax bracket


5.5 - 6.0


K - M


5.5 - 6.0


K - M

*All information compiled from

If you'd like more information, try reading our guide to how car insurance groups affect your premium.

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Maybach cars: did you know?

  • Established - 1909
  • Founder - Wilhelm Maybach
  • Headquarters - Stuttgart, Germany

All Maybachs come with secondary dials in the rear so that the passengers can check the speed of the vehicle, the time and the outside temperature. Home James, and no speeding. I shall know!

The cars also come with silverware to enjoy champagne and snacks. You can even have a humidor installed to keep your cigars at the right temperature and humidity.

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