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Lancia are an Italian car manufacturer with a history of producing cars of distinctive design. Not a common site on the roads of the UK, Lancia cars have their following in petrol-head circles and are occasionally brought to the wider public’s attention on shows such as the BBC’s Top Gear.

If you own a Lancia or want one, chances are you are an automobile aficionado and your Lancia is your pride and joy. So it makes sense to protect it with good insurance cover. could get you a car insurance quote for your Lancia that’s the same as going direct – or cheaper!

Lancia insurance groups

Typically, with insurance groups, the higher the number, the more costly your premiums.

This table of selected Lancia models should give you an idea of which insurance group your car could be in. It's important to remember though that factors like your age, address and driving experience will also impact on your quote.

Model Engine Capacity Typical Insurance Group*
Beta 1.3-2.0 12-16
Delta 1.3-2.0 10-18
Y10 1.0-1.3 5-8

*Information compiled from

For more information, you can read our guide to car insurance groups.

Lancia cars: did you know?

  • Established - 1906
  • Founder - Vincenzo Lancia
  • Headquarters - Turin, Italy

Lancia has been owned by Fiat since 1969 and the cars they produce are generally more upmarket versions of their Fiat counterparts. The car was withdrawn from the UK market in 1994 but returned in 2011 as the newly named Chrysler.

All Lancia cars are named after letters of the Greek alphabet. The first car Lancia produced was called, perhaps unsurprisingly, the Alpha. The current models are called the Ypsilon, Delta and Musa.

Lancia have always had a strong motor racing heritage, and the Lancia Stratos won three consecutive World Rally Championship titles in 1974, 1975 and 1976. Lancia also won several other rally championships in the late seventies and eighties.

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