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The poor old Lada has not had the best reputation in the UK over the years; the cars stopped being sold in the UK in the late 90's after they became infamous for being cheap. However, the Russian manufacturer owned by AvtoVAZ is still producing cars, but doesn’t do much trade in Western Europe.

Ladas are increasingly rare on the roads of the UK but if you still own one, you'll want to protect it with the best insurance deal you can get. With you could get a quote for your Lada that's the same as going direct to the insurer - or cheaper!

Lada insurance groups

Typically, with insurance groups, the lower the number, the cheaper your premiums.

This table should give you an idea of which insurance group your Lada might be in, but please remember that factors like your age, location and driving history are also considered when calculating a quote.

Model Engine Capacity Typical Insurance Group*
Niva 1.6-1.7 8-17d
Riva 1.2-1.6 5-6
Samara 1.1-1.5 4-7

*Information compiled from

If you'd like more information on car insurance groups, why not take a look at our guide to how car insurance groups affect your premium?

Lada cars: did you know?

  • Established - 1966
  • President - Igor Komarov
  • Headquarters - Tolyatti, Russia

Lada is the trade name of AvtoVAZ, the Russian car manufacturer formed in 1966 in conjunction with Fiat. Renault currently owns 25% of the company, making it part of the Renault-Nissan group.

The company was formed as a collaboration between Italy and the Soviet Union, and a new town called Tolyatti (named after the Italian Communist Party leader Palmiro Togliatti) was built around the plant on the banks of the Volga River.

Lada sponsored Aldershot FC prior to the club going bust in 1992.

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