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Chrysler insurance

Since being introduced to the UK market, Chrysler has been popular with motorists up and down the country for their practicality and automotive pedigree. 

The instantly recognisable PT Cruiser and Voyager models have proved a hit with families everywhere, while executive models like the Crossfire have also been catching consumer's attention.

Whatever your needs may be , getting the right insurance cover at the right price is important for keeping you mobile.

To help you understand how insurance premiums are calculated, in the tables below you'll find information on some of Chrysler's most popular models. You can use this information to gauge the potential running and insurance of each model in comparison to other vehicles in their range.
  • Most vehicles on UK roads are allocated an insurance group by the ABI (Association of British Insurers), which insurance companies can use to calculate premiums. Here is an article you may find useful about how groups are allocated
  • Vehicles with more powerful engines or higher values will generally have a higher ABI group. Higher groups generally mean higher insurance premiums.

Chrysler Delta

Grand Delta Model Engine Capacity Typical Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
S 1.4 14 F
SE 1.4-1.6 14-16 C-E
SE Nav 1.4-1.6 14-16 C-E
SR 1.4-1.6 16-17 D-E
SR Nav 1.4-1.6  16-17 D-E
S Series 1.6 14 D
Limited 2.0 21 E

Chrysler Grand Voyager

Grand Delta Model Engine Capacity Typical Group Ranking* Tax Bracket Range
SE 2.5-28 26-33 K
SR 2.8 33 K
LE 2.5-3.3 28 K
LX 2.5-3.3 29-34 K
Signature 2.8 35 K
Limited 2.5-3.8 30-35 K-M
 Executive 2.8 35 K
Executive XS  2.8 36 K
 Limited XS 2.5-3.3 33-36 K-M
Touring  2.5 32 K
25th Anniversary  2.5 30 L

Insurance companies will also use a range of information based on you and your driving history to calculate premiums. For more information, you may find our article on how car insurance is calculated useful.

Did you know?

  • Founded - June 6th, 1925
  • Founder(s) - Walter Chrysler
  • Headquarters - Auburn Hills, Michigan, U.S
  • Owner(s) - Fiat S.p.A (61.8%), UAW VEBA (38.2%)

Chrysler was founded in 1925 with the release of the Chrysler Six, the first car to feature four-wheel hydraulic brakes as standard, which immediately set them apart from the competition. Since then Chrysler has grown into one of the “Big three” American automobile manufacturers, selling vehicles worldwide under its main Chrysler brand, as well as Jeep, Dodge and Ram. In 2011, Chrysler was the 12th largest automobile manufacturer in the world by production.

Though they are still a relatively rare sight on UK roads, their unique styling, brand and name have made them a memorable, recognised manufacturer worldwide. QuickQuote Logo

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