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Low mileage insurance

Low mileage insurance quotes from

  • Before you get a quote, grab a calculator and work out roughly how many miles a year you actually drive
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Why consider limited mileage car insurance?

There are many benefits to keeping down the miles you drive every day.  Often when getting a quote people will automatically put in 10,000 miles, or 12,000 thinking that's the average, but if you sit down and actually work out typically how many you do, you could be surprised to see you do less than you think.

Ensuring you have an accurate and realistic number for your miles could help to reduce your premium on your car insurance.  But that's not the only potential benefit, if you only drive a limited number of miles you could also see benefits like;

  • With fuel prices in the UK so high, driving less will mean spending less on fuel
  • Driving less could mean reduced wear and tear on the car & tyres

It could also be worthwhile looking into a telematics policy.  If you're a driver that has a fairly high premium, despite not driving very much, telematics could be an option worth considering.  To read more about it and how it works, visit our telematics page

Alternatively you could download our MotorMate by app (on Android and iPhone), if you clock up over 250 miles you could be eligible for a discount when you quote through

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