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Jamie Gibbs

Car insurance prices are on the up - 7 quick facts


Grab a cuppa and get comfortable. This isn’t going to be pretty.

7 facts about car insurance - main

Good news – the average national car insurance premium hasn't changed since winter 2015.

Bad news – people still paid out £81 more than they did last year.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost surprised in Spaced


The average UK car insurance price at the start of 2016 was around £671.

The last time we saw prices this high,the country was in a state of mourning:

Three things that happened in 2013 that were bad

Higher premiums were one thing, but a full month of Robin Thicke? Yikes.

The lads in their late teens are the ones hit hardest this time around – paying £199 more than they did in 2015:

Dawson crying because he can't afford a cheeky Nando's


Male drivers aged 17-20 paid £2,150.08 in Q1 2016, a little over 10% more than in 2015.

Good news for ladies in their late sixties though – their prices only went up by £33 compared to last year:

Meryl Streep dancing

Females aged 66-70 paid £325.80 – an 11% increase on last year. Forking out £33 more isn’t good news, we know this, but it’s better than paying over two grand like the young lads, yes?

Just how outraged should you be about how prices have changed in your area?

Here’s a handy map that’ll tell you what the appropriate expression should be:

 Price index emotion map

Our regional price index figures have more information on these local trends.

Some areas had it better than others, with only mild price hikes:

 Three regions in the UK that have lower car insurance prices

In a way, Salisbury makes sense – you’ll often see tanks rumbling about on the plains so everyone drives a little bit more carefully.

Bad news for motorists in London WC, though. You’ve seen the biggest price rise of them all at £272 more than in 2015:

Sherlock John Watson saying no

These London folks paid out £1,069 at the start of the year, more than a third extra compared to last year.

Take a peek at the car insurance price index for a detailed breakdown of the trends.

*All figures are averages based on a comprehensive policy compared to Q1 2015.


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