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Jamie Gibbs

The harsh truth about your car insurance prices


You may want to sit down for this.

7 facts about car insurance - main

1. There’s no easy way to say this – car insurance prices are on the up again. People are forking out £43 more than last year for their cover.*

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost surprised in Spaced

The average UK car insurance price at the end of 2015 was around £672.

2. The last time we saw prices this high, we were in some pretty dark times:

Three things that happened in 2013 that were bad

We’d have gladly paid more if it meant not listening to Robin Thicke for that long.

3. Some have had it worse than others - like the fellas in their early twenties who paid £175 more this year:

Dawson crying because he can't afford a cheeky Nando's


Males aged 21-25 paid £1,351 at the end of 2015, a full 15% more than in 2014.

4. Ladies in their early sixties had it best – they only paid £41 more than last year.

Meryl Streep dancing

Yes, we know paying forty quid extra isn’t “having it best” – but we’re doing our best to find the silver lining, okay? Females aged 61-65 paid £312, up from £289 in 2014.

5. Here’s a quick way to find out how you should feel about your changing prices:

 Price index emotion map

Our regional price index figures have more information on these local trends.

6. It’s not all doom and gloom, mind. Some places only saw slight price increases:

 Three regions in the UK that have lower car insurance prices

We'd expect Scotland to appear here, but why Hereford? One of the locals wrote a poem urging drivers to behave - maybe it's had the desired impact.

7. Bad news for motorists in London WC, though. You’ve seen the biggest price rise of them all at £158 more than in 2014:

Sherlock John Watson saying no

These Londoners forked out £1,046 at the end of 2015. At least it beats the Tube, right?

Take a peek at the car insurance price index for a detailed breakdown of the trends.

*All figures are averages based on a comprehensive policy compared to Q4 2014.


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