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Cyclists and motorists complain of clashes

A cyclist riding on a city roadAlmost 12 per cent of drivers want to see cyclists pay some form of road tax, according to our exclusive poll, while cyclists want more to be done to stop drivers entering cycling lanes.

Cycle rage is gripping the UK, with motorists and cyclists clashing and complaining more frequently about the other and of unfair treatment and unsafe conditions on the road.

The fact is, there are justified complaints from both sides and our exclusive research shows that not enough action is being taken to ensure our roads are as safe as possible for both cyclists and motorists.

Neither party blameless

What motorists had to say

Of the 1,000 motorists questioned in our survey, 72 per cent said that a cyclist had behaved unsafely on the road during one or more of their car journeys in the last two years.

The largest complaint from British drivers was of cyclists running through red lights, with just under 40 per cent saying they have seen  it happen.

A close second, with 26 per cent of the vote, was cyclists riding on the pavement or in an area with a ‘no cycling’ sign.

Five per cent said that they were involved in an accident caused by someone riding a bike.

Cyclists’ point of view

Our exclusive research found that 65 per cent of cyclists feel less safe on the roads than they did a year ago.

Nearly a quarter - 24 per cent - say they have been sworn at or beeped at by a motorist on the road.

Worryingly, 13 per cent say they have been knocked off their bike and 14 per cent say they have been run off the road by motorists.

Four per cent of cyclists claim to have actually been chased by an angry driver.

Call for action

Almost 12 per cent of drivers want to see cyclists pay some form of road tax, of these 44 per cent say cyclists should have to pass a formal test before being allowed to ride.

Compulsory insurance for cyclists was another popular idea from motorists, with 43 per cent of annoyed drivers suggesting it, alongside the idea that cyclists caught running red lights should be punished.

Although around a third of these motorists think that cycling on the pavement should be stopped, 28 per cent of cyclists say that it should be allowed.

The most popular suggestions for improvement from cyclists were that more cycle lanes should be available in the UK.

Cyclists also said that more should be done to prevent motorists driving and parking in existing cycle lanes, as this forces them into dangerous situations on the road and causes accidents. Watch our video here to see this in action.

Respect other road users

Above all, cyclists and motorists should have respect for each other and take due care when they meet on the road.

Duncan Pickering, cycling manager at the Institute of Advanced Motoring backed the “respect for other road users” call.

He says: “Cyclists should not hug the kerb at junctions and drivers need to be tolerant of cyclists taking a prominent position so that they can be seen.

“We urge all road users to stick to the highway code and respect each other.”

If you’re a motorist and you’ve been involved in a clash with a cyclist, or vice versa, mark your incident on our interactive map to help identify hotspots where more care should be taken by all road users. We'll then look to take action to make the roads safer for everyone.

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