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Blog: How do you get to the airport?

It's summer: time for Brits' mass exodus to sunny, foreign shores. But how do you opt to get to the airport? We weigh up driving versus public transport.

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The pros of public transport 

I don't know about you, but nothing would make me feel less "holiday's started' than having to get in a car for a long drive to the airport.

Then there's the hassle of airport parking. And, worse, the drive back. 

I can't imagine wanting to get behind the wheel after a flight back to the UK - especially if I've just made a long-haul journey.

But when getting to the airport came up in conversation at work, I was surprised to find out how, for many of my colleagues, driving to the airport was the preferred option.

For me, I feel my holiday's started as soon as I close the front door and get myself to the bus or train station.

Okay, so public transport's not glamorous. Gawd knows how clean it'll be or who you'll be sitting next to.

And of course, it takes that bit longer than driving as I have to get myself to the bus or train station before getting the relevant mode of transport to the airport.

But it is cheap. And it also means I don't arrive at the airport an angry, frazzled mess, having been stuck in traffic and raging at tailgaters and drivers who don't seem to know how to use indicators.

So I'm happy to hand over the responsibility of getting me to the airport to someone else. A Greyhound bus from Cardiff to Bristol Airport for £6 at 2.30am in the morning – bargain!

'Driving is the only option'

But not everyone feels the same as me. Joby Russell, 33, head of marketing at, says that for him the car is the only option.

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"Driving is the only way to be in control of getting to the airport. There’s far too much at risk otherwise," he says.

"If I'm in the car and there's traffic, I can try and find an alternative route but if you're on public transport those decisions are taken out of your hands.

"If I've booked holiday flights and accommodation and taken time off work, the last thing I want is for a bus, coach or train operator to mess it up for me by not getting me to the airport on time."

Alex Higgs, 32, an online product manager, agrees.

"I gave up on public transport long ago. In your own car, you aren't at the mercy of buses and trains not turning up," says Higgs.

"Plus, for journeys longer than 20 minutes or so, I find it's just cheaper to drive."

Hmm, perhaps the need to be "in control" by driving to the airport is a male thing? 

What do you think?

Tell us how you'll be getting to the airport this summer. 

We want to hear from you! You can share your views on the message board below.

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