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Car insurance articles


The five best track cars of all time

Ariel Atom
If you've ever thought of taking a track experience day, here are the best cars take to the tarmac.  Read More…

The BEST & WORST convertibles ever

Best and worst convertibles - teaser
Some cars are great with the roof down. Some just aren't meant to be topless.  Read More…

Car insurance excess explained

new cars in a row
Increasing your voluntary excess is one way to help lower your insurance costs. But what is it actually for?  Read More…

Driving in Bulgaria

  •  08 Jul, 2015  
Motorway in Bulgaria
For sunshine, snow and spectacular views – head to the Balkans.  Read More…

How to replace missing paperwork fast

  •  08 Jul, 2015  
Missing paperwork - teaser
Here's how you replace important documents like your driver's licence or MOT certificate.  Read More…

Car review: Suzuki SX4 S-Cross

Suzuki sx4 cross exterior
"A desirable family crossover with a decent drive and economical running costs."  Read More…

19 emotions you felt learning to drive

Learning to drive
Learning to drive is an emotional rollercoaster  Read More…

Five fast ways to get replacement car keys

  •  08 Jul, 2015  
Replacement keys - teaser
Replacement keys don't have to be be costly  Read More…

11 strange driving laws around the world

Road sign with Dalek and anchor
Driving abroad can be tricky, but these driving laws will leave you scratching your head.  Read More…

Car review: Ford Mondeo

Image of a red Ford Mondeo
"The new Mondeo excels in every area and gives top-of-the-range German motors a run for their money."  Read More…